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  • More than that, he felt the twisting anguish off of her like it was his own and against his better judgment, he was going to help her.
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  • Geuss Who!?! Wacked out Quiz

    August 24th, 2010
    chua hoa nghiem toronto
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  • Geuss Who !?!

    Are you ready for todays quiz? Lets see.

    This person was born on Jan 6 1920 in the northwestern part of Japanese occupied Korea. After the country was split in two with the USSR controlling the North and USA controlling the south He moved to the south and joined the mystical sect “ Israel Suo- won”, a sex magic cult. Not long after he moved back to N Korea, where he was arrested for practicing sex rituals. On October 14 1950 the United Nations troops raided the prison and freed all prisoners including our mystery man. In 1955 he was arrested for practicing sex rites on young college students in South Korea. Shortly after this he announced that he was the second messiah. He preached that the work of Jesus was to impregnate 6 Maries who in turn were to go out and screw the world to spread the purity. Reportedly he passed his 6 Maries by a few.

    How are you doing so far getting it yet? Well here is the next line of hints just in case.

    In 1961 this dude merged his church with founders of the south Korean intelligence agency, known by its initials KCIA , Both Kim Jon-Pil and Bi Ho-Pak. Worked under the table to support church recruitment in Korea and abroad. According to both the CIA and the FBI this church was used as a covert means of supporting the KCIA. The mystery person used young female membership as lobbyists for South Korea and church interests to lobby capitol hill. After Nixon resigned he met with him face to face to show his sympathy.

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  • It says that Paul had two brothers, but he s the one who went on to begin a small inventing business, inspired by his parents who told him about the possibility of time travel.
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  • A sack of grain has more wits to its credit, and I have been loath to leave lest he sets fire to the barn, horses, and himself in the . Between Charles and the implications of time travel, her appetite had plummeted.
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    Surely you have it by now. No ? Well let’s see if this helps.

    In 1976 the mystery man and Bo Hi-Pak were investigated for a payola for influnce scam in congress which became known as Koreagate. He escaped any consequence over this due to the representative in charge of the the investigation losing his reelection bid. Instead he was a guest of honor at the Reagan inaugural ball. Then in 1982 he was convicted and served time for tax evasion while once again slipping out of charges of espionage and influence buying in Washington.

    gia tien xet h1n1

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  • Charlotte heard footsteps hurriedly approaching the left side of the coach, and she jerked out the loaded pocket pistol she carried tucked within her muff. There s nothing wrong with being proud of your weight loss.
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  • Turning to Miriam, she said, You don t need Jason.
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  • She saw that the doors to her father's library had been drawn closed, and she stole to the threshold, pressing her ear to the polished oak.
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  • Ted started to pull his coat on, I ll go look for it. She didn t see Tanya on the way up and was thankful for it.
  • Greta's boots clicked loudly on the asphalt, making stealth a physical impossibility. Oil always seems to be so graceful if it s used right.
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    Okay I’m guessing you have this buy now but here is some more clues just in case.

    In 1982 he bought the Washington times. On March 23 of 2004 He was crowned as “king of peace” in Washington DC. At this ceremony religious and political leaders from around the world attended, as well as 12 congressmen. Actually he was crowned by Congressman Danny Davis, who then kneeled before him. He then proceeded to inform the crowd that he was the savior sent by God to be the father of the world the King of peace. George HW Bush Senior has received millions in speaking and appearance fees from the mystery man. He once commented in one of his speeches that this guy was a “man with a vision” At the same time the mystery man paid tens of millions of dollars to North Korea which according to the DIA ended up propping up their nuclear program. Have you figured it out yet?

    Okay that is it this is the last clue and probably the give away.

    This mystery person produces mass weddings all over the world. He has openly stated that he despises American individuality though he spends money in high places to buy the influence of governments around the world. He has received huge contributions from American religious and political leaders. He has recently handed his organization over to his son.

    Yes you guessed it.  reverend Sung Myung Moon”.

    See I told you reality is stranger than fiction. For more detailed info on this jerk and how he has positioned his unification church through payola and influence buying. check out these links : http://educate-yourself.org/cn/sunmyungmoondarksideindex.shtml

    http://seeker401.wordpress.com/2009/10/10/reverend-moon-hands-power-to-his-son/ http://www.veoh.com/download/index/permalinkId/v18460596PmhQ67N

    The Pineal gland -The God Gland?

    November 6th, 2009

    cac xet nghiem tien san
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  • His skills of persuasion have been perfected over the centuries, thanks to the teachings of his father. His light was still aglow beneath his door when I came down the corridor toward midnight.
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  • She felt the sharp distinct pain as her bone fractured under the force.

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  • She wiped her eyes clean with the cuff of her robe. I have to go, she said, walking again, hurrying toward the front corner of the house.
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  • Summer Solstice at The Bohemian Club

    June 21st, 2009

    Today is the summer solstice That lovely time of the year when the good ol boys hang out at the Bohemian club for a few extra curricular activities and then end it all with a mock sacrifice to Minerva,”goddess of finance”. what fun!
    Nixon called the Bohemian Grove ” the God damned Faggiest thing I’ve ever seen”.
    “The Bohemian club”, is an exclusive all male club located in Northern California. In the male world of politics money,finance and power anybody who is anybody is invited to this resort. To drop a few names Nixon, The Bushes, all of them, Al Gore, Bill Clinton, Henry Kissinger are among a mile long list.
    Alex Jones did a Documentary on this called “Inside the Bohemian Grove” in the 1990s that gives you a first hand look at the inside. However his movie still is full of inaccuracies and leaves out half of the picture. Another more recent movie by Josh Reeves also touches on the Bohemian club and what goes on there. In his Movie “The Secret Right” He dedicates a few informative minutes on the Bohemian Club. So what is this club? Im not even sure but some weird crap is going on there.
    for now I just want to talk about the mock human sacrifice to the 40′ tall statue of the owl god Minerva, Goddess of business and finance, called ” The Cremation of Care”.
    To me this event is very disturbing even if you leave out the fact that this is an ancient occult ritual. The people participating in this ritual are symbolically pledging to cremate there care for anything but business and finance! They are cremating all care for there fellow man for greed power and money.
    Now Look at the world around you and see how all decisions seem to be being made for greed power and money.
    I do not practice any controlled religion but today the Summer Solstice I raise my glass and Salute Mother Earth and all her inhabitants and pledge that money and finance will be the last thing I consider when determining my path. Instead I will focus on love, harmony, and positive creativity. May the brotherhood of man prosper organically and bask in the light of individual freedom, harmony and liberty.
    Follow no one and lead only yourself!

    1st snow of the year

    October 10th, 2008

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    Today Spearfish had the 1st Snow of the year! No matter what time of the year it is I love the 1st snow. As the world financial markets melt away with panic all over the TV  and radio airwaves I just sit back and enjoy the snow. Some thing are constant and unwavering. This is not the end this is the beginning. Winter is coming and spring will be around the corner. Money is an illusion that entraps our souls into constant servitude. Life is real! Live It to the Fullest! Awaken all your senses!Enjoy the 1st snow!

    Welcome to my Brain

    October 8th, 2008

    Hi welcome to my Brain. Check in from to time to time and see whats cooking up there.